Author: Gretchen Revie

Citing ARTstor and JSTOR

Citing ARTstor and JSTOR in the Works Cited section or bibliography of your work is a lot less complicated than you might think. For ARTstor, one method has you include the following:

Artist’s name

Title of work. Date of work.

Museum name and location.

Date you looked at the image in ARTstor.

ARTstor: ARTstor ID number

You can arrange these elements in the order required by the citation format you’re using. No need for long URLs, as you can just indicate that you used ARTstor by name or with the database URL See ARTstor’s help for more information and other options.

To cite JSTOR, you can forget about the long permanent URLs as well. All of the most commonly used citation formats–APA, MLA, Chicago–let you use the main URL for citations. So all you need to include is and the date you got the article from the database.

For more information on citing electronic resources, see the library’s guide to citing electronic documents.