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Only Two More Weeks!

Today may be Respect for Chickens Day, but it also signifies that it’s only 2 more weeks until the 105th anniversary of Meredith Willson’s birth. Watch for interesting tidbits about this son of Mason City, Iowa; The Music Man, and musicals in general.

Interesting tidbit no. 1: “Seventy-Six Trombones” and “Goodnight, My Someone” are the same song. See for yourself.

When We Were Your Age

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, telephone numbers began with 2 letters. Think PEnnsylvania 6-5000, BUtterfield-8, and BEachwood 45789. This cool web site gives you young’uns a glimpse into a time when phone numbers weren’t all numerical. Click on the Search Our Database link to find historical information on these exchanges sent in by numerous contributors.

Two New Archives from the Negative Collection at the Frick Art Reference Library

ARTstor is pleased to announce the completion of an important collaboration with the Frick Art Reference Library. This collaboration has focused on the Frick Library’s renowned Negative Collection, an archive of approximately 60,000 large-format negatives that is prized by scholars as a unique visual record of lesser-known and largely unpublished European and American paintings. These paintings are often documented with invaluable, unpublished information and scholarly opinions assembled under the Frick’s auspices. The Negative Collection is the product of both ongoing acquisitions programs and dedicated photographic campaigns sponsored by the Frick Library.

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More CDs

It’s a rollicking good time with today’s new CD pile. We’ve got something old (Mozart,) something new (LU’s Jennifer Fitzgerald as performer and composer,) some good singing (Paul Robeson,) and something recorded at the Blue Note. In addition you can listen to the latest Wind Ensemble concert.

Anthropology Collection in CONTENTdm

The Visual Resources Library is happy to announce that the Anthropology Collection of digital images is now available to you from the Digital Collections web page. These images are from archeological sites in North America, Mesoamerica, Jericho, and China. There are also images of primates and human evolution.

To view the collection please select “Anthropology Collection” from the CONTENTdm list of image collections at:

Welcome to Spring Term!

Welcome back from break! Hope you had a relaxing one and are ready for a productive spring. A couple of reminders:

1. The library offers nine individual study rooms that can be used for one term at a time by students. Preference is given to seniors working on honors projects and then to students whose research depends heavily on library materials. Complete this online form to request an office for Spring Term. Deadline is Thursday, March 29.

2. RefWorks, a web-based “Personal Database and Bibliography Creator,” is a convenient way to collect citations for that big paper and keep track of them all. Courtesy of your friends at the Mudd…