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Holi Celebration – May 8th

Food, fun, and colors of all sorts make for a great celebration.

It’s the final stretch of a most bizarre academic year. Why not celebrate? Holi is a holiday celebrated to honor life and to celebrate the triumphs of good over evil. Since midwestern climates are less conducive to this celebration at it’s usual time, we’ve postponed it until it could be celebrated properly. (No, really…it was our pleasure.)

Get over to Ormsby Lake and experience for yourself the joy of Holi, the joy of colorful collegial celebratory feelings. The basking in vibrant powder and tinted water. Mark it on your calendar. Bring a friend. Schedule your study time around it. Bring your camera (but make sure you’re waterproofing it). You probably need this more than you think. Trust us.

Saturday, May 8th

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