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Construction Update: Durkee St closures

Per the city of Appleton:

The sidewalk and terrace concrete work along the east side of Durkee Street, from Lawrence Street to Washington Street, is scheduled to start May 2 and be completed by May 17.

For information regarding road closure details and changes in construction scheduling, please check the Road Report link on the front page of the City of Appleton website.

Please be aware that there will be days when no work is done on your street. This is a result of the contractor sequencing their crews among other streets that are also being reconstructed and does not mean the contractor is not working.

Please note the following information and suggestions that will help expedite the work and ease the inconvenience caused by this construction. Your patience will be appreciated.

  1. Durkee Street will be closed to traffic in the northbound (east side) direction for the duration of the project. Traffic in the southbound direction (west side) will be maintained for the duration of the project. Access to businesses and residences along Durkee Street will be maintained during the construction of the sidewalk and terraces along the east side of Durkee Street.
  1. To allow proper curing of concrete, do not drive vehicles over the pavement until the contractor has removed barricades. Curb edges, particularly, may break readily unless concrete has had time to cure. BARRICADES ARE NOT TO BE MOVED BY ANYONE OTHER THAN THE CONTRACTOR. Unauthorized movement of a barricade is a violation against Section 16.5 of the Municipal Code (City Ordinance) and may be subject to prosecution.

Your cooperation and patience in these matters will aid in a quicker, cleaner, and more efficient job. If you have any questions, please call me at 920-832-6484, or email at

Drew St closed to through traffic

Construction of West Campus has begun, and Drew Street is closed to through traffic. The eastern half of the Brokaw parking lot and Kimball Alley are also offline as part of the construction site, with sidewalks along College Avenue and Drew Street rerouted.

Please see the ground plan for details of the construction site perimeter.

A tentative timeline of activity:

  • Wed. Apr. 3: Drew St. closed to through traffic. Building site and support/staging areas are enclosed by perimeter fencing.
  • Week of Apr. 8: Heavy equipment continues to be brought onsite, including office trailers for the construction team. Excavation begins.
  • Week of Apr. 15: With excavation complete, pile driving work begins to establish the building’s foundation. This will be very loud and may cause ground vibrations in the immediate vicinity. Pile driving will only occur between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. until this foundational work is complete.

This is an exceptionally exciting building project that will become home to Lawrence University and the Trout Museum of Art. This breathtaking new building will offer innovative learning spaces for our students and become a key destination in Downtown Appleton for our community.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we join together and celebrate our mutual goal of serving our students and community.

Please reply to with any questions or concerns.

Important News on Memorial Chapel

Built in 1919, age and the Wisconsin elements have taken their toll on our beautiful Chapel and its façade is experiencing compromised structural integrity.

Starting Monday, November 6, shoring of the façade with scaffolding will begin to minimize further damage as we head into winter. During this process, you should enter Memorial Chapel through the Shattuck entrance. Once the shoring is complete, you will be able to enter safely through the front doors.

Safety is priority! Please be aware of your surroundings at all times while the shoring is being built.

Fire Lanes and Restricted Parking Areas on Campus

New fire lane signs have been posted around the fire lanes that run through campus to alert drivers no parking areas. Signs that were posted in the past alerted drivers to pedestrian walking areas and reduced speed limits.

Please obey the reduced speed signs in these areas while driving golf carts, and gators. Pedestrians always have the right of way—at least 3 feet!

All campus fire lanes must be clear of parked vehicles. There is an exception for facilities operations service vehicles for short periods of time when performing building and equipment related tasks.

By keeping entrances and fire lanes clear and accessible, we will provide the required access for emergency responders.

Vehicles parked for hours in a no parking fire lane in front of Memorial Hall and the LU Wellness Center.

All campus fire lanes must be clear of parked vehicles. There is an exception for facilities operations service vehicles for short periods of time when performing building and equipment related tasks.

All personal vehicles must park in the designated parking lots or on the street parking spots on campus.

The Appleton Fire Department also drives around our campus to make sure that these areas are not being used for parking areas. We have received pictures of this inspection and have also warned contractors about parking in these areas and blocking access to building standpipe connections. (For example, the fire lane located by the south lower entrance doors to the Warch Campus Center). Also, keep areas clear and accessible around fire hydrants, making it is easy access the connections.

There will be daily inspections of fire lanes around Lawrence University and documenting vehicles that are parking in fire lanes. If you have questions, please contact Mark Musser (

Fire lane that runs between the LU Wellness Center and the Seeley G. Mudd Library.
Pedestrian Walk – 5 mph sign behind Steitz Hall, Handicapped and Service Vehicles only

Other locations of no parking fire lanes:

Below Briggs
E. Boldt Way Plaza
Sage Hall

Construction Notice for Memorial Chapel

The accessibility ramp at Memorial Chapel is being replaced this fall with a start date of Monday, September 25 and projected completion date of Monday, November 27. These dates are weather dependent and are subject to change.

The contractor is aware of event-sensitive dates and will work closely with us. There will be a temporary ramp installed so there will no disruption in access to the building.

Please be aware of your surroundings while in the area and do not enter the construction space. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact or ext. 6893

Campus Master Plan town halls

Wednesday, September 20 | 12:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.
Thursday, September 21 | 10 a.m.
Somerset Room | Warch Campus Center

Lawrence is working with Credo Design Architects to develop a new campus Master Plan.

As part of that process, all students, faculty, and staff were invited to complete a campus perception survey in June. Since that time, Credo has reviewed the survey responses, conducted a site, facilities, and interior space assessment of our facilities, and reviewed classroom use data in phase 1 of the planning process.

Representatives from Credo will be on campus next week to share what they have learned and get community feedback as we move into phase 2 of the process. Join us for one of these sessions to ask questions and share your feedback.

Advisory for the West Campus project

Demo work has begun on the buildings at the corner of College Avenue and Drew Street in preparation for the West Campus project. 321, 317, 315, and 313 E. College Avenue will all be coming down to make room for the new addition.

The alley to the Brokaw/Colman parking lot off of Drew Street will still be accessible.

The demo should be complete by the end of September. There will be no demo work on September 5 to accommodate move-in day. The city will open Durkee Street for September 5 to assist with the flow of move-in traffic.

Do not enter the demo area outlined in yellow! Please be aware of your surroundings at all times in this area.

Campus Construction Updates

The lower roof at 1025 E South River St is being replaced and repurposed into an outdoor gathering space. The main roof and HVAC units will be replaced this fall.

The Sage Hall exterior wall has been repaired.

The lofted beds have been taken down from all the Quads’ corner rooms.

The Kohler Hall bathroom floors have been re-graded for better drainage.

Window cleaning has begun on most Academic Buildings.

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding during the power shut down on Monday, July 31. Our team and a contractor perform inspections cleaning and testing of the Campus electrical systems annually to be proactive and reduce the chances of power failures.

As always, safety first! Do not enter construction areas! Please be mindful of your surroundings at all times. Should you have questions or see anything concerning as you’re out and about, please contact Katherine in Facilities Operations at: or at ext. 6893

Campus Construction Updates

  • Sage Hall bathroom remodels are moving along.
  • The new Quad 1 fire system is installed. The bathroom remodel is underway and the new flooring in the common space is being installed.
  • The Banta Bowl Team Complex has the floor slab down and patio pillars installed.
  • New windows are being installed in 738, 741, and 742 E Boldt Way.
  • Small Exec has a new exterior stairwell and concrete repairs.
  • Colman Hall’s upper roof is being replaced after long fought battles with leaks.
  • Several parking lots around Campus received seal coating and re-striping.
  • The tennis courts are resurfaced. Up next – logos!

We’re working hard on all the Campus enhancements! As always, safety first! Do not enter construction areas! Please be mindful of your surroundings at all times. Should you have questions or see anything concerning as you’re out and about, please contact Katherine in Facilities Operations at: or at ext. 6893

Electrical Service Shutdown – July 31

This information was also sent via email from Joseph King on April 11, 2023.

The Lawrence University campus will have its electrical service turned off from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. on Monday, July 31, 2023, to allow for necessary and planned work to our electrical infrastructure.

Please add this date to your calendar as a reminder and be sure to power down all computers on your last day in the office before this scheduled disruption in power to help protect the equipment when power is restored.

Nearly all campus buildings will be impacted by this interruption of service. Exceptions are noted below.

For staff, this interruption occurs on a summer additional time-off day (Mondays in mid-June through July). There should be minimal disruption to campus operations. Employees in impacted buildings will not be able to remote-in to their computers during this interruption.

Essential personnel, including but not limited to staff working in facilities, payroll, campus safety, will be required to perform expected responsibilities. Please check with your immediate supervisor regarding expectations.

The below buildings will NOT be affected by this power interruption:

  • 738 E. Boldt Way
  • 741 E. Boldt Way
  • 742 E. Boldt Way
  • 300 S. Meade St.
  • 813 E. John St.
  • 1025 E. South River St.
  • Alexander Gymnasium
  • Buildings north of Washington Street are on city power and should not be affected.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work toward our mutual goal of building a stronger and more resilient campus for the future.

Joseph King
Assistant Vice President of Facilities Operations