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Current and upcoming campus construction projects

  1. Kohler Hall: The Phase I renovation is still underway.  On Friday, September 24th, from 9am-11am, there will be a crane lifting a large fan to the roof of Kohler Hall. Everyone will need to be out of Kohler Hall during this time.
    1. Half of the parking lot will be coned off for the delivery of the crane, which will be arriving around 8:30am and departing by noon. We ask that everyone avoid this area during this crane lift, for safety reasons.
    1. Phase II will encompass the lower level and remainder of the windows over the summer of 2022.
  2. Johnson Controls: Campus-wide lighting upgrade and science building fume hood upgrades in progress.
  3. Briggs Hall Greenhouse: Hot water pipe replacement is in progress.
  4. Brokaw Hall: New ramp expected to be completed in November.
  5. Hiett Hall: Repairs to a broken sewer line. 
  6. Hillside Boardwalk between Hiett Hall and Briggs Hall: Removal of the boardwalk has begun and expected to be removed by late October.

*Projects and dates subject to change

Crane Lift over Kohler Hall – September 24, 2021 at 9AM

On Friday, September 24, from 9am-11am, there will be a crane lifting a large fan to the roof of Kohler Hall.  Everyone will need to be out of Kohler Hall during this time. Half of the parking lot will be coned off for the delivery of the crane, which will be arriving around 8:30am and departing by Noon. We ask that everyone avoid this area during this crane lift, for safety reasons. Thanks!Facility Services

Now with Photos! Summer Construction Update

Dear Lawrence Community, 

As anyone on campus can see, we are already well into construction season at Lawrence. This year there are an especially large number of projects in the works and planned over the course of the summer, many of which are funded by generous donors to the university. The current status and estimated dates for these projects is shown in the list below. 

Look for periodic updates on these projects in the LU Insider over the course of the summer. In the meantime, building coordinators will be notified when any of these projects will have an impact on their building(s).

Mary Alma Noonan
Vice President for Finance & Administration

See photo highlights of the spring and summer 2021 construction projects (PDF).

Summer Construction Projects*

  1. Summer power shutdown: Thursday, August 5, is the annual sub-station cleaning. Power to the entire campus will be shut down from 3:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
  2. Brokaw Hall: Construction is underway to add a ramp to the front entrance on the east side of Brokaw. New sidewalks will also be poured. Completion by the end of July.
  3. Warch Campus Center dining: Renovation of Kaplan’s Café and Andrew Commons is in progress. The Café will be done late July. Andrew Commons starts in mid-June and will be done September 3. 
  4. Warch Campus Center stairwell & third floor: The stairwell and third floor flooring will be replaced from mid-June through the end of August. The entire building will be closed to the public and occupants for the summer.
  5. Kohler Hall: Renovation is underway and will complete August 14. Bathrooms, ramp, windows and the first floor will be completed in Phase I during summer 2021. Phase II will encompass the lower level and remainder of the windows over summer 2022. 
  6. Youngchild 121: This lecture hall is under construction and will be completed by the end of August.
  7. Kaeyes Mamaceqtawuk Plaza sculpture: A sculpture by indigenous architect Christopher Cornelius is planned for one of the planter beds in the Plaza in August. A dedication to the new plaza name and sculpture will be held in the fall.
  8. Hardscape between Ormsby and Hiett: The hardscape is scheduled for replacement June 14 – September 3.
  9. Bjorklunden: A lighting upgrade and viewing deck are being installed through the summer. These projects are expected to wrap up in early fall.
  10. Ormsby Hall: HVAC control upgrade. Starting in mid-June and finishing late August.
  11. Colman elevator: A new elevator will be installed in Colman from mid-June through late August.
  12. 224 Park Avenue: A new garage is in progress, with completion expected this summer.
  13. Music Drama electrical: Upgrades to the electrical system are in progress, with an expected early summer completion.
  14. Memorial Chapel windows: All stained-glass windows are currently being replaced in the chapel. Replacements will be complete by the end of the summer.
  15. Briggs: The 1st floor former CAS suite is. Being renovated to house a new faculty lab.
  16. Youngchild labs: A remodel of new faculty lab space is underway.
  17. Sidewalk replacement: General maintenance on campus sidewalks will take place throughout summer.
  18. Johnson Controls: The campus-wide lighting upgrade and science building fume hood upgrades will be complete by the end of July.
  19. Lawrence Community Music School: An upgrade to the building’s HVAC and power will be complete by the end of June.

*Projects and dates subject to change

City of Appleton – Lawe Street Bridge Construction

The City of Appleton has contracted with Lunda Construction to perform maintenance work on the Lawe Street Bridge over the Navigational Canal and the Lawe Street Bridge over the Fox River.

Work is anticipated to start on Monday, November 2nd and will last about four weeks. The bridge will be closed to traffic during construction. A marked detour will provided.

Energy Efficiency Work on Campus

Lawrence University entered a performance contract with Johnson Controls to perform energy efficiency initiatives on campus. A performance contract means that the cost of the work is paid for by the savings gained from the more efficient replacement systems. The work will run from September 1st through the end of May 2021 and will include a lighting retrofit for nineteen buildings, a chiller upgrade in Music Drama and fume hood upgrades in Steitz and Youngchild. Johnson Controls employees will be on campus daily during this period in most public campus buildings. There is no work taking place in small houses. The lighting retrofit will run from September 1st – January 7th. The chiller upgrade in Music Drama will run from October 19th -February 5th , and the fume hood upgrades in Steitz and Youngchild will run from September 12th – March 30th. We appreciate your patience as these important cost saving and energy efficient measures are implemented. Please contact Facilities at 920-832-6602 with any questions! 

Lighting retrofit schedule: 

Buildings Dates 
Music-Drama Center & Shattuck September 1-18 
Conservatory West September 21-23 
Brokaw Hall September 24-30 
Academy of Music October 1-6 
Facility Services October 7-8 
Youngchild Hall October 12-27 
Memorial Hall October 28-29 
Wriston Art Center November 2-10 
Main Hall November 11-16 
Briggs Hall November 17-30 
Colman Hall & Sage Hall December 1-7 
Buchanan-Kiewit Wellness Center December 8-14 
Seeley G. Mudd Library-1st floor December 15-17 
Alexander Gymnasium December 21-30 
Hurvis Center/Alice G. Chapman January 4-7 

Facility Use Request Team

As we venture forward, a small team has been established to make decisions for facilities’ requests from internal campus colleagues (students, faculty, and staff) and external constituents (alumni, Appleton community members, etc.). We will rely on this team to determine who, what, and where activities can occur as we phase in facilities’ usage.

Currently several colleagues across campus are receiving these requests and understandably forwarding them to members of the LPPT or Cabinet for decision. To ensure we are handling these equitably in both access and decision, we want all to know the team exists and the membership – Jon Meyer (from the facilities, custodial, and security aspects), Erin Buenzli (from the health group of LPPT), Matt Baumler (from the Outside In visitors group of LPPT), and Mary Alma Noonan (coordinating the requests for consistency and equity).

Please feel free to reach out to any member of the team with any request you have or has been directed to you.

Construction Closures Monday

Due to the construction project of a new exterior staircase on the west side of Buchanan-Kiewit Wellness Center, a section of the upper and lower roads, in this construction area, will be closed off for approximately 3 hours on Monday, June 29.  There will be a crane in use to place the pre-built sections of stairs.

Thank you!

Facility Services

Mail Services Update

Mail services will continue, but with changes and limitations. The mailroom is also sanitizing all packages upon receipt.  

Faculty & Staff 

Campus delivery to buildings will only happen once a day, usually between 8-10 a.m., to a pre-arranged location with each department to avoid close contact.  


Students remaining on campus 

Students remaining on campus will still receive mail and packages. For package pick-up, students must arrange a time with the mailroom for a no-contact delivery. The mailroom can be reached at or 920-832-6657.

Students departing campus 

Packages will no longer be accepted for departed students once spring term begins. Only students living on campus can pick up packages. Other mail will be forwarded to the student at the address they requested, or to the address we have on file if the University was not provided with specific instructions.