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Digging Through the Mudd: Zoom Rooms on the 3rd & 4th Floors!

Do you know what a Zoom room is? A Zoom room is a video conferencing station that uses cloud-based technology to power its connections. Unlike Skype and other services, you can video conference with multiple users at once, making it great for larger meetings! Zoom is available for all Lawrence University faculty, staff, and students at

The Mudd library has Zoom rooms on the 3rd floor (room 310) and 4th floor (401). Room 401 has to be booked through Lawrence’s room reservation system, but its spacious layout is perfect for big groups. Room 310 has a sign-up clipboard on the door to make it convenient for study sessions. Use whichever one best meets your needs!

Room 401 on the fourth floor, equipped with microphones, speakers, and a Zoom-ready camera.

These rooms are available during library hours: just make sure to reserve room 401 first.

Living and Learning: The History of Women at Lawrence University in the Mudd Gallery!

From now until May 20th, uncover Lawrence’s past with Carolyn Ford’s senior capstone curation in the Mudd gallery!

Photos, fashion, journals, and more comprehensively document the lives of women at Milwaukee-Downer College and throughout Lawrence’s co-ed history. Read about encounters with the Ormsby ghost, witness the old Lawrence May Day traditions, and take a look inside a real Milwaukee-Downer student yearbook!

Exhibition Photo 2
A yearbook from Milwaukee-Downer college, on display at the Mudd Gallery.
Exhibition Photo 1

The Mudd gallery is located on the 3rd floor of the Mudd library, and is open during library hours.

Digging Through the Mudd: Keyboards and Finale on the 3rd & 4th Floors!

The library blog is proud to introduce a new post series: “Digging Through The Mudd!” This weekly series will uncover resources and spots in the library that often go unnoticed.

You might have seen those computer cubicles on the left side of the 3rd and 4th floors. They’re perfect for getting in some quiet essay-writing. But did you know that the left-most cubicle on both floors also has a MIDI keyboard?

Digging through the Mudd: Keyboards!
A MIDI keyboard on the 3rd floor of the library, complete with computer and headphones.

The computers are loaded with the keyboard’s primary software, ARIA Player, which you can use to experiment with all sorts of different sounds. Just turn on the keyboard, log in using your LU ID, open ARIA from the desktop, and you’ll be good to go! Make sure to select the keyboard as your controller in the Preferences menu if it doesn’t automatically detect it.

These computers are also equipped with the Finale software. For those who want a silent place to notate their music, look to the 3rd and 4th floor computers.

Evidence of the Ephemeral: An Archaeological Exhibition in the Mudd Gallery!

The staff of the theatre scene shop are bringing Evidence of the Ephemeral: An Archaeological Exhibition to the Mudd Gallery from April 27th to May 5th. Join them for a playful retrospective of the shop’s past plays featuring redesigned props curated within a time capsule aesthetic!

Exhibition collaborators include Delaney Stewart, Liz Risley, Oscar Brautigam, Abby Simmons, Courtney Wilmington, Meryl Carson, Taylor Blackson, Molly Hjelle, and Andrew Stelzer.