Author: Angela Vanden Elzen

New Interlibrary Loan/ Circulation Assistant!

When I asked blog superstar Antoinette Powell for some blogging advice for my introduction, she kindly wrote an excellent one for me!

Former Mudd Library Night Supervisor Angela Vanden Elzen now has a day job. As of mid-July, Angela is our illustrious hard-working Interlibrary Loan and Circulation Assistant. If you are a regular reader of this space, you remember the previous, highly regarded ILL & Circ. Assistant, Cheryl Kraft, left the Mudd’s bosom to devote herself to the Neenah Public Library (June 29, 2007.) Angela is more than able to fill those shoes.

In real life, Angela devotes herself to her cats, her nut-ball Lab/Akita puppy, and her husband Adam. She is working on her MLIS, and should cancel her World of Warcraft account now that the semester has begun.

Angela lives in the same space Cheryl occupied and will be available to serve the Mudd patrons Tuesday through Saturday during the regular academic year. We are thrilled Angela has emerged from the darkness, yet remains in the Mudd.

So, please come see me or call x6758 with any interlibrary loan, electronic reserve, or World of Warcraft questions.