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Canine Therapy at the Library!

The term is coming to an end and finals are looming closer…must be time to pet some dogs!


For the past few years, the Mudd has hosted canine therapy for students to de-stress for a bit and take their minds off the pressure of spring term finals.  Faculty, staff, and students bring their dogs for Lawrence students to get some puppy love!

It’s a whole lot of fun and this year it will be on Monday, June 9th from 2-3pm, outside of the Mudd. Pictures from past years’ canine therapy events can be found on our Flickr page!

Canine Therapy 2013

Getting stressed out by end of term projects, papers, and pending final exams? To help you relax, we’ve scheduled our annual Canine Therapy event for Monday, June 3rd from 2-3 pm. For those of you who have not yet attended one of these events, Mudd Library and other Lawrence staff and faculty bring their beloved dogs to the library plaza to share some pets and snuggles with stressed-out students.

So, no matter how stressful you fear your finals week will be- remember that you’ll have the unconditional love of a sweet puppy to make things better.

Canine Therapy 2011

Canine Therapy 2011
We had our biggest crowds ever at Canine Therapy 2011! Ten dogs and dozens of their admirers swarmed the Library Plaza for an hour-long mutual-admiration stress-relief session.

Comments from the participants:

“This is the best student therapy EVER!”

“Thank you for putting it on! We all need fluffy doggy therapy at this time of the year!”

“This is the most smiles I’ve seen since that Tom Petty concert!”


Photos of the event are available on the Library’s Flickr site.

Time for Canine Therapy at the Mudd!

Stressed out by finals?  Need a study break? Perhaps you could use some canine therapy from our friendly and cuddly puppy pals!  Join us on the library plaza on Tuesday, May 31st.  Dogs and their people will be standing by from 2:00 to 3:00 pm.

Take a look at the photos from last year’s event.  Look at all of those smiling faces…

Canine Therapy: The Poem

Canine Therapy

The Mudd’s June 7 Canine Therapy session inspired a poem! It captures pretty well what the event is all about. Thanks to the author for letting us post it here.

Canine Therapy
Sarah Gilbert

Finals week, spring term
Outside the college library
seven dogs work for treats
for attention, for long belly scratches.

Clumps of students come
weighed down by deadlines
pet their stresses, their fears
into forgiving fur, floppy ears
smile into shining eager eyes.

Boundless willing doggie hearts
radiate love and hope back to them
and the students walk away lighter,
laughing together.

Home again the therapists
sleep long and deeply
twitching with dreams
of MLA citation style
cell apoptosis
surrealist self-representation
and diminished 7th chords,
then wake and shake, stretch,
and go look for more treats.

The Mudd Goes to the Dogs

The Mudd hosted a Canine Therapy Study Break on Tuesday, June 9. Eight dogs and several dozen students got together for a mutually-fulfilling hour of fun and dog treats. Photos of the event are available on the Library’s Flickr site.

Comments from the participants:
“The event was truly enjoyable for all. Thank you so much for making this happen!!”

“Thank you again for organizing the “canine therapy” today! Such a wonderful event– nothing like dogs to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.”

“Woof! Woof!”