The 2019-20 Public Events Committee solicits proposals from Lawrence University faculty at any rank or appointment for a Spring 2021 Honors Convocation on the theme: 


We welcome a broad definition of activism. Proposals can come from any discipline and can delve deeply into key questions from a field but should also seek to illuminate in some way how the scholarly research or creative work might be translated into or understood through related activist practices and activities. Collaborative and/or cross-disciplinary proposals are welcome.

Potential questions you may consider when creating a proposal:

  • How might your research/creative work be considered a tool for activism?
  • How does your research/creative work connect communities in pursuit of social change, or connect to those resistant or reluctant to change?
  • Is there a connection between your research/creative work and your personal history, skills, experiences, and/or identity?
  • How does activism propel or motivate new directions in your research/creative work?
  • Do you perceive any conflicts between your research/creative work and activism?
  • Are there unexpected forms of activism within your area of research/creative work?

Please submit titled proposals of up to 350 words by Monday, March 30 at 5:00 pm to Beth Zinsli: