When we open ourselves to the knowledge that busy days require many pockets, we must also engage in emptying those contents on occasion. Remove the rocks, the sharp things that have gathered, the lint, the tiny scraps of garbage, and that sticky note with a word so smudged its no longer legible.

Place back in the empathy, the ability to step back for a moment, that refreshing scent of a cleansed mind and body, and maybe add a snack nugget or two for sharing with friends later. Put your intentionality back in as well.

Meditation (virtual)

Take a Hike with Mudd the dog

Evening Tai Chi

Meditation (in person) & lunchtime Tai Chi

Choose your own practice

Revisit your passion and connect with what you value by taking in your surroundings, exploring beyond your screen, or maybe even visiting the Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life.