As we prepare to close this term, you are invited to be open with yourself and the community. Reflect on your hopes for yourself and the understanding you encourage from others. Give thanks for memories gained, grieve for experiences lost, or reflect on how those concepts help define each other. Wish meaningful transitions for yourself.

The Library and the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life will all be host to a space that allows you to be open by placing your intentions, wishes, hopes, thanksgiving, fears, confessions, questions, or prayers into the “wall” regardless of background or beliefs. (A remote option will be available through the Spiritual and Religious Life webpage.)

Spiritual and Religious Life understands prayer to be many different things for the members of our community. In all times and traditions, it is a way of being in the moment, being present, and opening your heart, soul, and mind to connection.

At the end of term we will dismantle the wall and collect the prayers. They will be released, unopened, to the universe through burning.