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Register for a VASE Program!

Viking Ambassadors in Service and Engagement (VASE) aims to get Lawrence students volunteering, making connections, and learning about issues in the Fox Valley community.

The CCE’s peer-led VASE programs allow you to explore an area of a specific community need that you’re passionate about and will connect you to meaningful opportunities for service and advocacy in the greater community.

Check out the links below for more information on each of our VASE programs, including how to register, weekly curricula and meeting times!

Arts & Education

Participants in the Arts & Education VASE program will engage with presentations and discussions led by guest speakers and the VASE coordinator to learn about the fields of arts engagement, how to organize outreach events, and explore systemic inequities in arts access. Further, students will become familiar with arts-related resources and organizations in Appleton while building a learning community of peers.

Child Advocacy

The Child Advocacy VASE program is designed to help students who are interested in working with children identify and promote healthy behaviors and advocate for the mental well-being of children. This program will engage students who are passionate about mental health and who hope to make a difference in the lives of local children.

Civics & Society

The 2022 Civics & Society VASE program, “Intersectionality & Inclusion in Civics & Society”, will teach students the importance of including diverse identities in government positions, and of protecting and furthering minority participation in civic actions like voting and protesting. Participating students will engage in various learning activities, including guest speakers, discussions, and trips. 

Environment & Sustainability

The VASE program in Environment & Sustainability will give students the opportunity to learn about environmental justice, climate change, environmental activism, and more. They will do this by participating in active learning activities, hearing from speakers who work on these issues in the Fox Valley, and spending time volunteering for environmental causes with organizations like Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance and Riverview Gardens.

Fair Housing & Hunger

The Fair Housing VASE program seeks to educate Lawrentians about issues of homelessness in the Fox Valley. The local nonprofit organizations we will work with include Pillars, Harbor House, Loaves and Fishes, and Habitat for Humanity. Through in-person volunteering and reflection on the issues of homelessness, students will become equipped with knowledge and desires to make a difference.