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NAfME Queer Theory and Music Education Symposium

April 7-8, 2023

Lawrence University’s National Association of Music Education presents its 6th annual symposium! All events are free and open to the public. You can fill out this RSVP form prior to the events (not required).


Friday, April 7

8:30 p.m. – LGBTuben
Memorial Chapel
Join us for a special performance by LGBTuben!

“The Lawrence Graduate Bayreuth Tuben Quintet is a tuben horn quintet that, fluid by design and inclination, is comprised of at least six members who identify as, know, or would like to know, someone who is LGBTQ+.

Informed by our decidedly un-Wagnerian values of inclusivity, diversity, and visibility, the LGBTuben Quintet aims to build and expand the cannon for our flexible ensemble and advance a non-hierarchical agenda that includes affecting positive social change and creating broader representation for the historically underrepresented.” 

Saturday, April 8

All events will take place in Lawrence University Conservatory, Room 163.

8:30 a.m. – Coffee
Join us for coffee and an assortment of breakfast pastries before we begin our day of learning!

9 a.m. – Ben Hiles
Ben Hiles ’22 presents his research on queer theory and music education.

9:30 a.m. – Dr. Gould
Dr. Elizabeth Gould presents her research on queer theory and music education.

“Associate Professor Elizabeth Gould teaches philosophically-based courses in music and music education. Her research in gender and sexuality in the context of feminism and queer theory has been published widely”

Her work includes: 

  • “Companion-Able Species: A Queer Pedagogy for Music Education.”
  • Homosexual Subject(ivitie)s in Music (Education): Deconstructions of the Disappeared.
  • “Dis-Orientations of Desire: Music Education Queer.”
  • Lead Editor. Exploring Social Justice: How Music Education Might Matter.
  • “Thinking (as) Difference: Lesbian Imagination and Music.”
  • “Legible Bodies in Music Education: Becoming-Matter.”

11:30 a.m. – Lunch with Professor Julie McQuinn
Professor of Musicology Julie McQuinn will facilitate a casual discussion about what we’ve learned thus far over lunch. 

Lunch will not be provided. Food is available for purchase in the Andrew Commons. Several options are also available within walking distance on College Avenue. You are also welcome to pack your own lunch! 

1 p.m. – Jessica Pruett, Gender Studies
Jessica Pruett presents an overview of queer theory and shares how queer theory shapes her pedagogy in the classroom.

2 p.m. – Talk with Dr. Gould
Dr. Gould leads us in a discussion to wrap up the event. We will reflect on our learning and imagine how we can bring this learning into our classrooms.