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Questions for President Burstein & President-Elect Carter

The Office of Communications is recording a conversation with 16th President Mark Burstein and incoming 17th President Laurie A. Carter next week, and they want to answer some questions from the Lawrence community!

If you have a question for either President Burstein or President Carter, please submit it to by noon on Wednesday, April 21.

We will do our best to answer as many questions as time allows.

Winter Weather Advisory

The Crisis Management Team is keeping a close watch on the current winter storm system that is expected to last through tomorrow and will bring several inches of snow, high winds, and dangerously cold temperatures. The cold temperatures are currently forecasted to remain over the weekend and into next week. In preparation for this onset of extreme winter weather, we want to remind the campus community of important winter protocols and safety measures.

As the majority of classes are being taught online this term and on-campus events are limited due to the pandemic, much of campus life will proceed as normal during inclement weather:

  • Remote classes will continue to meet as normal; in-person classes may pivot to remote instruction if necessary. Please contact your professor if you have any questions about your class.  
  • Personnel in Facilities, Campus Services, and Bon Appetit will continue to work and report as scheduled, unless otherwise informed by your manager. Please utilize your best judgment regarding travel decisions when reporting and communicate with your supervisor concerning any schedule changes you may have. 
  • All other staff should continue to work remotely or shift to remote work if you are unable to make it to campus due to inclement weather. If you are unable to work remotely due to technology challenges or personal circumstances, please contact your supervisor or Human Resources.  
  • If any in-person curricular and co-curricular gatherings or events, including the College, Athletics, Conservatory, and Community Music School, need to shift to remote gatherings or be canceled, we ask that all event hosts share updates with the community via the campus event calendar, social media, or other appropriate channels. 
  • Off-campus shuttle services may be limited.

For those students living in campus, please note the following:

  • Information on dining hours can be found on the Lawrence Bon Appetit Facebook page.
  • Regular services provided by the Warch Campus Center, Mudd Library, or the Wellness Center, may be limited. Please visit their web or social media pages for information. 
  • Please also keep all windows shut to avoid freezing pipes. 
  • Continue to Honor the Pledge by wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance, and following other health and safety protocols. 

Regardless of where you live, please remain indoors as much as possible in such extreme conditions. If you do venture outside, please ensure that you are dressed appropriately, including loose layers, winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves, as frostbite can occur at extreme temperatures in fewer than five minutes. 

We will continue to evaluate weather conditions over the next few days, and we ask that you please keep a close watch on email, the Lawrence website, social media, and other means of communication in case of additional developments.

Thank you for your patience during these extreme weather conditions. 

Stay warm, Lawrentians!
Crisis Management Team 

Dance Series

Lower Left in Ensemble Thinking

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

12:30pm to 2:00pm via Zoom

The performance collective, Lower Left, will be leading a workshop and talk for the Lawrence University Dance Series. 

Spanning seven cities and four countries, Lower Left is a collective of dance and performance artists committed to artistic innovation, ensemble building, and collaborative art-making. In this participatory online workshop and conversation, we will explore a sampling of Ensemble Thinking together. Ensemble Thinking is a system of collaborative group performance practices. These compositional exercises refine the individual’s ability to perceive, initiate, and support collective action. Ensemble Thinking’s conceptual nature allows for equality of access regardless of background, aesthetics, or physical capabilities. Join Lower Left, the Lawrence University Ensemble Thinking class, and your community in this Dance Series event.

New Music At Lawrence Series

New Music at Lawrence is presenting a concert of music by Asha Srinivasan this FRIDAY at 7 p.m. Central. 

The concert will take place via live stream:

 Performers include Lawrence Conservatory faculty Erin Lesser (flute), Nora Lewis (oboe), Horacio Contreras (cello), Michael Mizrahi (piano), and Margaret Paek (dance), with Asha and Erica Scheinberg (musicology) introducing each of the pieces. 

Thank you to Erin, Alvina, Brent, and Jillian for all of their work to put this together! 

Please let your students and colleagues know about this special event. 

Michael, Erin & Tim New Music at Lawrence co-directors

Humans of Lawrence University

The world could use some authenticity right now. So we want to tell your stories. Your real stories. That’s why we’re starting a Humans of Lawrence University series on social media.

This campus is full of thoughtful, quirky, lovely people. We are looking for micro-stories – tales of a moment or a window into something specific about you – that get to the heart of who we are and how we live and what we care about. We’re finding new ways to be in community this year, and we want to share the authentic and true stories of the people in our community to help us all feel closer and more connected. We want to use Lawrence’s social media channels to shine light not just on our greatest triumphs and successes, but also on the stories of real lives.

We think there’s power and beauty in regular things, too, and we’re asking for your help to share those moments, practices, relationships. The key is to be specific. We all connect more with a specific story or example than with a general statement.

So tell us something about you. There’s no pressure here to tell an incredible, impressive story. Just be you and tell us about you.

Take a look at these prompts and answer as many as you like. Write like you’d speak (not concerned with perfect grammar) and use first-person point-of-view (I, me, we, us). You can expect Communications to follow up via email for further elaboration, revisions for length, or confirmation.

See examples from our inspiration: Humans of New York

Questions? Contact, Office of Communications

Honor the Pledge Poster Contest

Two silhouettes with Mark Burstein wearing heels appearing between them. The poster reads, " Stay Safe Lawrence! and remember to stay at least one Mark Burstein in 5" heels apart."

Inspired by this excellent meme-turned-poster, we’re launching a poster contest for messages that reinforce the Honor the Pledge tenets.

Rules of entry:

  • Students, faculty, and staff of Lawrence University are free to enter.
  • The poster must reinforce one or more of the tenets of the Lawrence University Campus Community Pledge.
  • Keep it clean. No explicit language or visuals may be used.
  • Be kind. Respect your community. No bullying or harassment.
  • IHRTLUHC. No copyright infringement.
  • Deadline for submissions: September 30 at noon.
  • Email all submissions to

The top entries will be selected by the Office of Communications and then voted upon by the public via Lawrence’s Instagram Stories to select the winner.

The winning entry will become a printed poster to be hung around campus and will be shared as a post on Lawrence’s social media during the Fall Term.

The creator of the winning entry will receive $50 Viking Gold. (If a team submits the winning poster, the prize will be divided among them evenly.)

Questions? Contact

Emergency Grant Funding Available

We know many students have incurred extraordinary or unplanned expenses in the wake of the changes brought on by the global pandemic. I write today to let you know emergency grant funding is available to assist with some of these expenses incurred during Fall Term 2020. 

Thanks to donor-supported institutional funds, as well as remaining funds the university received from the CARES Act via a grant from the Department of Education, emergency grant funding is available for all Lawrentians—regardless of citizenship status.

Emergency grant funding for Fall Term 2020 is limited to expenses for technology and housing. Technology expenses include the purchase or repair of a computer/laptop, internet service, and/or required software to complete coursework. (Please note: grant funding may only cover a portion of the total expense. Additionally, expenses for housing and internet service are limited to students living off campus during Fall Term 2020.)

The deadline to apply for Fall Term 2020 emergency grant funding is 4:59pm CT on Friday, September 18, 2020. For more information and to apply, click here

Stay well,

Ryan Gebler

Director of Financial Aid

Lawrence University

Show us your mask!

Submit a quality photo of you wearing your mask. Ask someone to take your picture or send us a selfie. Or even ask your pet to wear a mask for a photo!

We’re looking for good photos of Lawrentians wearing their masks to be used on Lawrence’s social media accounts,, and other communication channels. Submit your photo below.

Submit your photo(s) to this form (login required)

Thank you for participating! All questions can be directed to

Campus Compact Safe Elections Project

Hello Lawrence community! My name is Hannah Baron and I’m a student recruiter for the Campus Compact Safe Elections Project. The goal of the project is to encourage nonpartisan election engagement among young people – specifically young people as poll workers. Right now there is a national poll worker shortage due to COVID-19 because of its impact on people over the age of 60. If this is still the case when the election comes around, this means limited and potentially biased polling locations that could sway the vote one way or the other.  

Being a poll worker is an integral part of upholding our democracy. By being a poll worker you can ensure that everyone has the ability and access to cast their vote. Poll workers are needed throughout the country so if in November you will be living in the state where you are registered please consider becoming a poll worker. In most states, this is a paid opportunity. For more information on your specific county please visit the website for your county’s registrar of voters.

Lastly, if you are unable to be a poll worker but are eligible to vote, PLEASE REGISTER AND VOTE.For more information regarding Campus Compact please visit