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Boleyn-Fitzgerald memorial service Oct. 19

The Lawrence community is invited to join a Buddhist service to honor Patrick Boleyn-Fitzgerald and the goodness that he lived, modeled and brought to this world, and that is expressed and carried on through each of you. The memorial service will be held Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 5:30 p.m. in the Warch Campus Center’s Esch Hurvis Room.

During the service, there will be opportunities for guided meditation and for consciously and intentionally turning inward. There will also be space provided in front of the center dais for any who wish to bring a cushion or zafu and join a seated circle on the floor.

A reception will follow, with a variety of opportunities to share memories.

Boleyn-Fitzgerald, the Edward F. Mielke Professor of Ethics in Medicine, Science and Society and associate professor of philosophy, died last month following a lengthy battle with kidney cancer. To learn more about Boleyn-Fitzgerald and the mark he left on the Lawrence community, read a story from the Lawrence news blog.